Guidelines for Rubbish and Waste Removal

Please NOTE: Brisbane South Skip Bin hire must comply with quidelines set down by Councils in the South Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan regions as follows:

General Waste

Residential/Commercial clean up waste such as: Clothing, Toys, Paper, Kitchen Utensils, Furniture & Appliances, Cupboards, Cabinets, Lounges, Fridges, Washing Machines, Computer Monitors, Hard Drives, Printers, 

Green Waste 

Leaves, Grass Clippings, Pruning’s, Palm Fronds, Shrubs & Twigs, Wood Chips & Bark, Timber Fence Palings

Clean Waste

Concrete, Bricks, Roof and Floor Tiles, Pebbles and Rock (No mixed material, strictly one waste type only in bin).

Construction & Demolition Waste 

Waste from Building & Home, Kitchen, Bathroom & Most Renovation & Demolitions including Dry Treated & Untreated Wood, Dry Gyprock, Dry Carpet, Tools, Dried paint in tins, Bricks, Concrete, Tiles, Bricks, Clean & Broken Concrete, Rocks, Pebbles, Asphalt,  Roof & Floor Tiles, Concrete Blocks, Scrap Metals & Batteries

Prohibited Rubbish Waste Types not to be placed in Skip Bins (Hazardous and other dangerous materials) :

  • No EPA regulated waste or dangerous goods
  • No asbestos
  • No Putrescible Waste
  • No Liquids (whether contained in drums etc or not)
Some examples of prohibited materials not to be disposed of in Skip Bins: 
gas bottles, tyres, food, perishable goods, paint, oils, chemicals (dry paint in cans is Ok), solvents,  pool chemicals, sharps, empty chemical containers, flammable items (These items create a dangerous work environment)

If you have any of the following waste types or are unsure please contact Mick on 0466 776 314.

Tips and Hints for Domestic Rubbish Removal

Important Guidelines:

  • If machine loading ensure the operator does not overfill the Skip Bin or places items so that they could pose a danger when the skip bin is transported.
  • Skip Bin MUST NOT be moved, once placed at job site
  • Weight restrictions apply & skip bin can only be loaded level with the sides of the skip bin. 
  • Do not overfill the skip bin, must be kept level to top rim, so that waste cannot spill out, or be blown onto the adjacent area, or cause nuisance to pedestrians or other road users.
  • For health and safety (OHS) compliance, do not load the skip bin so that anything protrudes out of the ends, sides or top of the skip bin. This is very important as it is illegal to transport overfilled skip bins.
  • Heavy Materials: In General if you are placing heavy items in a skip bin such as bricks, concrete, rocks, tiles etc. please be aware that the larger 6 and 12 cubic metre skip bins do have weight restrictions. A skip bin is considered over full when it can no longer be lifted or carried legally or safely.
  • Restrictions and limitations are set by Government institutions such as Queensland Transport and Workplace Health & Safety.
  • As a general guide the maximum safe load for a skip bin is ‘1 tonne per cubic metre’. Note that this relates to “loose” filling of the skip bin. These limits do not allow for hand loading and stacking of bricks, pavers concrete etc. that would increase the weight in the skip bin.
Please note: If these guidelines are exceeded or not followed, we reserve the right to leave the skip bin behind and charge an additional fee for lost time, time on site, a return trip or the time it takes to unload and make a skip bin safe for transport.

We hire skip bins in a variety of sizes to meet your waste removal needs.