Tips and Hints for Domestic Rubbish Removal

Removing household waste from your property can be a laborious process, and if you are not familiar with dumping restrictions at your local tip, you may have your load rejected.

For example, most local tips have regulations in place to control dumping of tins of paint, oils, chemical waste, old fuel, etc. Be informed:  Click here for full list of controlled waste.

Making multiple trips to the tip costs you time, trailer hire, and vehicle running costs, the inconvenience of backing into the unloading ramp, unloading waste by hand, and putting up with congestion, dirty conditions, dust, mud, and having to clean your vehicle afterwards. 

There is a better way and it is as simple as hiring a bin. (Link to Booking form or phone) can supply you with a skip bin in a size that suits your needs.

Click here for sizes and volumes of skip bins available.

We also have skip bins with opening doors, enabling you to load your rubbish and large items without lifting. Just wheel them straight into the bin.

On a 7-day hire, you can fill the bin as the waste becomes available, which is particularly helpful on building and renovation projects or when moving home.

Brisbane South Skip Bins use local Council Tips in your area, ensuring all waste types are disposed of in an environmentally friendly facility.

Check here to see if your suburb is serviced by Brisbane South Skip Bins.

It is easy to book a Skip Bin Hire, simply call us on 0466-776-314, tell us your needs and we will provide a no obligation quote.